Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Feeling "Injured Party", Ex-regent Sragen Ask PK

Former Regent Sragen , Central Java , Lucky Sarono Wiyono back a trial of Semarang Corruption Act , Wednesday ( 05/28/2014 ) . This is the second time . He's back in session after acquitted at first instance .

In the decision , the criminal punished Lucky 7 years and a fine of Rp 200 million . He is also required to replace the entire replacement cost of Rp 10.5 billion . If you can not return the replaced with imprisonment of four years .
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In court , Lucky tried to file a judicial review ( PK ) against the decision of the Supreme Court . New evidence (Novum ) as a prerequisite submitted to the judges . However , in the trial , the prosecutor in the State Attorney Sragen reject a proposed Novum Lucky and his attorney , Dani Sriyanto .

According to prosecutors , Novum proposed is not new evidence . This so because the evidence presented was never delivered to the court of first instance .

" In essence , that Novum latest report is not filed , so that the request can not be granted PK . Additionally , Novum that contains no power of attorney or written proof of Sragen Regent , Agus Fathurrahman when borrowing does not mean there is no evidence . However , of witnesses could also be valid evidence , " the prosecutor said febrie Hartanto , Semarang Corruption Court on Wednesday ( 28/05/2014 ) .

According to the prosecution , the evidence submitted by Lucky can not stand alone . However , it must be supported by witness testimony . Then , based on witness testimony and the verdict there , he sure is a good thing that commanded the local cash disbursement .

Novum whom defendant filed relating to the results of the audit and evidence of melting when he was serving as regent . BPK audit results were released , according Fortunately , not to mention the loss of state finances . However , it rejected the prosecutor .

" BPK audit results have not considered binding legal decision . Thus the compensation of Rp 10.5 billion remain charged to the defendant , " added Febri .

Attorney himself begged PK Fortunately rejected , or at least unacceptable . In addition, the prosecutor requested that the verdict will be able to PK Supreme Court upheld the ruling . Repulsion top prosecutor , Lucky remains optimistic .

PK filed with the available evidence will be accepted by the Supreme Court . He believes that the proposed Novum declared his innocence . Fortunately own claim oppressed graft Sragen 2003-2010 budget data, these cost the state Rp 11.2 billion .

He reasoned liquefaction deposits on the orders of Sragen Regent Agus Fatchurrohman , not on command . To that end , the regent of Sragen now asked to be responsible .

"At that time I had actually issued a disposition prohibit redemptions will cause a loss of deposits due to the state . But now instead of Regents gave disposition to liquefaction , " he concluded .


Monday, May 26, 2014

Suryadharma Pleaded Not Backward as Menag Urged by President

One day after named as a suspect by the Corruption Eradication Commission , Suryadharma Ali admitted that he was not planning to resign as a Minister of Religion . However , Suryadharma offered to resign during a meeting with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono at Bogor Palace , Monday ( 26/05/2014 ) afternoon .

During the meeting , Suryadharma not submit a letter of resignation because of not making it . Is there an insistence retreat of the President ?

" No, it's just a matter of ethics ," said Suryadharma in Polonia House , on Monday .
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Suryadharma aware , the problem at hand today is very difficult . He says he wants to focus with ongoing law enforcement and do not want performance as a Minister of Religion disturbed .

" I have to focus , this problem is very hard for me and my family," he said .

He said that the resignation letter will be delivered on Wednesday ( 28/05/2014 ) due on Tuesday ( 27/05/2014 ) is the Ascension holiday .

In a meeting with the President and Vice President Boediono , Suryadharma asked to explain the case of alleged corruption in organizing Hajj Corruption Eradication Commission alleged . During the meeting , he was not guilty . However, State Secretary Sudi Silalahi mentioned that Suryadharma resigned .

SBY accept the resignation . PPP Chairman was requested to submit the resignation in writing within 1 or 2 days ahead .


Friday, May 23, 2014

Explosion in Pakistan Kills A Guard Malls

Two bomb explosions shook Islamabad , the Pakistani capital , early Saturday and caused a death toll and injured another person .

This event occurs after the military stopped air strikes against the guerrillas . The first blast occurred around 02:00 am in the shopping district near the city center .

" A guard died in the hospital . He is badly wounded and his life not helped . Victims second guard also now receive treatment , " said Hafiz Hussain Chaudhry , a police official .
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He said it is not clear whether the blast was caused by a suicide bomber .
There is no immediate recognition for the blast which occurred three days after a series of air attacks by the military on militant hideouts that killed 76 people .

Local television showed images of the first blast showed shattered glass also branches scattered in the streets .

Mohammad Alu , another policeman , told reporters that the next blast occurred in a car .

" Low-intensity explosives had been mounted on a car and the blast destroyed his car but no one was hurt , " he said .

The second explosion occurred about half an hour after the first explosion at different places in the city . This is the first blast in Islamabad since an explosion in the fruit and vegetable market on April 22 that killed at least 22 people .


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Leaking Not Treated, flats in appendices Prone to Fires

Leakage problem which occurs in almost all flat units appendices , Cakung , East Jakarta , can pose a potential fire . Water channel was wrong cause water seeping residents often the electrical installation .

Monday ( 5/19/2014 ) ago , there was a small fire in the unit the couple Pablo and Iroh ( 36 ) , resident relocation Sentiong origin time , Kamayoran , Central Jakarta . Fortunately , the fire had not spread to other units . The fire only burns some furniture .

" It seems the fire early in the morning , I was still sleeping . So people who see continued screaming fire . Reason is because in my bathroom is leaking , " Iroh said , when met , Thursday ( 22/05/2014 ) afternoon .
( read: kenari sanger dan mozambik )

According to him , the fire grabbed a plastic cabinet and three helmets . Thick black smoke filled the room had a bathroom and a clothesline in the back . The fire was extinguished after Iroh husband awoke to the screams of the citizens .

" The fire is tolerable . Cables all subject to the same kitchen and the bathroom is all black , " Iroh said .

Previously , Lani ( 52 ) , said the power in his unit had experienced a short circuit . Again , this happens due to a leak in the unit .

" Never shorting because of the water . 's Why it's in my bathroom lights are always turned off . Behind lights also my baseball life , " said resident relocation origin Sentiong this time .

Leakage problem report has been submitted to the manager Lani . However, it was never addressed or corrected . It makes citizens alarmed by the danger of short circuit .

Ferry ( 36 ) , a resident of the other towers , said , managers should pay attention to this issue . He said he hopes that soon there was improvement by managers . However , up to now, the leakage problem was never addressed .

"Then it was harmful to the towers. Due to system building here paste . And the bathroom was leaking all technicians here but baseball works , " said Ferry .


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Prabowo-Hatta Promise Revenues Increase to $ 60 Million

Mate Prabowo - Hatta Rajasa determined to increase the per capita income of Indonesia's population , from Rp 35 million to Rp 60 million minimum . This is an effort to build a strong economy , sovereign , just and prosperous as a real implementation of the agenda and program to save Indonesia .

That is one translation of the vision - mission of presidential candidates that carried Gerindra vice president and five other political parties , as quoted from the official website of the Commission .

The following points related complete build a strong economy , sovereign , just and prosperous .
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1 . Increasing per capita income of residents of Rp 35 million to Rp 60 million with a minimum of economic growth to 7 percent per year towards growth above 10 percent , with the strategy of high -quality economic growth through increased growth through the production sector so that an optimal balance is achieved with growth triggered consumption .

2 . Improving the equity and quality of economic growth by reducing the gap between the poor and the rich ( lower the Gini index of 0.41 into 0.31 ) , and increasing the human development index ( HDI ) of approximately 75 to 85 .

3 . Improve absorption of the labor force towards 2 million jobs per year through improved regulation and infrastructure for the processing of labor-intensive industries ( textiles , shoes , footwear , electronics , and other ) , and the opening of new agricultural land , and make -owned enterprises state ( SOEs ) that have strategic value to the economy of the nation as a locomotive and spearhead economic revival and sovereignty .

4 . Establish processing industries to add value to the control of the national economy .

5 . Establishing and developing national industry .

6 . Taking a proactive policy in maintaining stability of the financial sector through the reduction of the risk of instability of internal and external financial sector .

7 . Establish Special Economic Zone ( SEZ ) Finance integrated with tourism , property , education , creative industry , services , retail and commercial . Government investment budgeted approximately 2.25 billion - 3 billion over 7 years .

8 . Organizing Budget is pro-people . In terms of acceptance , increase state revenues from about 12 percent to 16 percent ratio of GDP to implement the intensification and extension of tax collection and improvement of the tax system fairer and suppress wasteful and inefficient spending budget .

9 . Terms of state spending , making government spending rather than simply as a source of growth , but also as a means of equalization .

10 . The financing side :
a. Gradually lowering the budget deficit to 1 percent of GDP began in 2017 , which focused on financing infrastructure deficit .
b . Reduce new foreign loans by the government , both multilateral and bilateral , with a target to zero in 2019 .
c . Managing government debt carefully and wisely and utilize efficiently and effectively .
d . Develop innovative financial products from countries that are integrated with the tax innovation , especially in the form of infrastructure bonds .
e . Developing social infrastructure financing schemes such as clean water and hospitals , among others, by the PPP / Private Finance Initiative ( PFI ) to record the cost of money was only slightly above coupon securities .

11 . Improving the competitiveness of businesses in the ASEAN Economic Community and the global competition .

12 . Makes Indonesia as a center of banking / finance sharia Muslim world and the creative industries as well as building a village of creativity for the creative industries in various cities / counties that potential .


Monday, May 19, 2014

Gen. Leaders Speak political statesman Relations gays

Chairman of the Board of Trustees Gerindra Prabowo praised the attitude of the leaders of the political parties that support him as a presidential candidate and Hatta Rajasa as vice presidential candidates . Prabowo referred to them as statesmen .

Prabowo praise was delivered in the event declaration in support of the six political parties Polonia House , Jalan Cempedak Cipinang , East Jakarta , Monday ( 19/05/2014 ) afternoon . Gerindra addition , five other political parties are supporting Prabowo - Hatta is Golkar , PAN , PPP , PKS , and the United Nations .

Prabowo told , with the results of the legislative elections yesterday were not much different , it is difficult to determine with her running mate . He considered many great cadre of supporters of any political party so hard vote if there is no soul and statesman of great leaders.
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Prabowo give an example when the Shura Council Chairman Hilmi Aminuddin MCC offered three figures election winners Kingdom MCC , namely Anis Matta , Hidayat Nur Wahid , and Ahmad Heryawan , to be his running mate .

" But , if Mr select the other, we do not mind , " Prabowo said quoting Hilmi . " Excellent properties such statesmen , " added Prabowo .

Prabowo also praised the PPP Chairman Suryadharma Ali who expressed unconditional support . Similarly, the General Chairman of Golkar Party Bakrie , who today officially provide support after failing to form a coalition with the Democratic Party and supporting shaft Joko Widodo .

" He ( Bakrie ) figures who had a good track record , the leader of the second largest political party , but is willing to support me . 's Something not envisaged by the observers , " said the former commander of Kopassus .

In his speech , Prabowo admitted with Hatta will prepare a cabinet consisting of the best sons if elected later . " We're not counting how many seats the party which can . None chairman ( political parties ) are talking about it , " said Prabowo .


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sutan Allegedly Thank Gratuities Related Discussion Revised Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources

Chairman of House of Representatives Commission VII Sutan Bhatoegana allegedly received gifts or promise relating to the discussion of the state budget revenue expenditure changes ( Revised ) at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources in 2013 . Yet known how exactly the money allegedly received Sutan . KPK spokesman Johan Budi said no information about the value of money which allegedly accepted the Democratic Party politician .

" Regarding the details of the material , I'll try searching further , I will ask the investigator , " Johan said in announcing the establishment of Sutan as suspects in Jakarta , Wednesday ( 05/14/2014 ) .
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In the ruling the former Head of Oil and Gas SKK Rudi Rubiandini on April 29 , the judge said , Rudi has handed 200,000 dollars to the Chairman of House Commission VII Sutan Bhatoegana . The money is part of the bribe given by the Commissioner Kernel Oil , Pte , Ltd , Simon Tanjaya to Rudi Gunawan . Bribes given through Deviardi Simon .

In the trial -related information also appeared receipt of money by Rudi , partly because he was urged to help the Secretary General of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Waryono Karno smooth EMR budget discussion in the House of Representatives Commission VII .

Regarding the facts of this trial , Johan recognizes that the determination of Sutan as suspects is the result of oil and gas development SKK investigations that led to Rudi . " Starting from SKK case of oil and gas which is then further investigation , after investigation , concluded that there was no allegation of corruption allegedly committed SB , what his capacity as a member of Parliament , " he said .

Commission set Sutan as a suspect through investigation warrant ( sprindik ) KPK leaders signed on May 13, 2014 . Sutan suspected of violating Article 12 paragraph a or b or Article 11 and Article 12 B of Law on Corruption Eradication in conjunction with Article 55 paragraph 1 to -1 Penal Code .


Sunday, May 4, 2014

Strengthening Dollar Chance Back Suspended

The rupiah will be tested strength entering the second week in May , on Monday ( 05/05/2014 ) . Opportunities projected retained rising rupiah strengthening U.S. dollar index .

The U.S. dollar had gained after unemployment and non-farm employment was announced improved .

Although the reduction in unemployment occurred also due to lower levels of participation of job seekers , Dollar Index and U.S. Treasury yields have risen .
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This morning awaited Chinese Manufacturing PMI . In the evening the U.S. ISM Non - Manufacturing also awaited by investors .

Rupiah himself last week helped by the March trade surplus exceeded market expectations .

Although the surplus is lower than the figures , the rupiah strengthened to Rp 11,525 per U.S. dollar .

However, according to research Samuel Securities Indonesia , strengthening also coincided with the strengthening of Asian currencies against the U.S. dollar .

It's just the strengthening of the rupiah was the largest .

The strengthening of the rupiah in earlier this week likely stuck with the strengthening Dollar Index began .


Thursday, May 1, 2014

There are new claims Debris findings Malaysia Airlines MH370, in the waters of Vietnam!

British marine archaeologist , Tim Akers , claims to have found belonging to Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 . Daily Mail May 1, 2014 edition contains Arkers believes that the wreckage was in Vietnamese waters .

As advocates claim , Akers shows satellite images which according to him forming the tail piece , two cabin windows , and other debris . Location discovery is located in the South China Sea .
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Akers other statements corroborate earlier claims came about finding the wreckage in the coastal waters of Vietnam , an area which is under the flight route of the aircraft when contact is lost . Previously , the belief about the debris in the area revealed by an American pilot , Michael Hoebel .

Among the photographs are claimed to be the subject of analysis Akers , photographed also that the location of the alleged discovery of debris MH370 was adjacent to the offshore oil refineries and is on track crossed by fast boat .

Akers was argued , search Boeing 777 - ER is in the Indian Ocean , which is still underway , involving multi-state effort , will not get anything .

Satellite imagery on which to base a search in the Indian Ocean , according to Akers , only directing the search team on " junk " sea of debris remainder of the 2004 tsunami that hit Aceh to South Asia at the time .

For comparison , Akers also said that the same garbage debris from Japan's earthquake and tsunami is still too scattered in the Pacific Ocean . " That's why ( in both the ocean ) there is a lot of debris with a diverse spectrum , " he said as quoted by the Daily Mail .

Akers is a marine archaeologist who also experienced probe Indian Ocean for years . He has been involved in the search for the rest of the warship HMAS Sydney which sank in World War II .

Meanwhile , search efforts in the Indian Ocean region has been shifted again to the Bay of Bengal region . This shift is based on the analysis of the company's technology , which match the metal aircraft components with the analysis of the light reactions to the metals .


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The JIS case , police show photos to the Student Performers

Police are still searching for other victims of sexual violence in kindergarten Jakarta International School in South Jakarta . Six suspects - one died - allegedly committed these acts against more than one victim .

Police continue to urge the perpetrators to their victims mention anyone by showing pictures of the school students . Since January 2014 , the group alleged to have committed the action at the school . " We showed them pictures of children on the suspect , " said Jakarta Police spokesman Sr. Comr Rikwanto , Monday, April 28, 2014 . Yet , until now the police have not released the victim's certainty of the existence of the new . ( Read : Traces of Time and Sexual Assault Suspect in JIS )
( Read: cara membuat email melalui yahoo )

Data from the Indonesian Child Protection Commission , there is at least one other victim who reported sexual violence . He is a fellow victim and claimed to have been the first of the perpetrators of sexual violence in the period February to March 2014. However , the victim has not cast the case to the police report . ( See also : Harassment in JIS Other Victims Complain to the Agency )

Six people actors , Agun Iskandar , Virziawan Amin , Syahrial , Zaenal , and Afriska is still in jail Jakarta Police . The other suspects committed suicide last Saturday . They commit crimes in groups for rape victims . To the police , they confessed to the act not only on the students . All five carries a penalty of 15 years in prison as a result of this action . ( Read : Special Interview JIS Head : This case Amat Weight )


Monday, April 28, 2014

MoHA Complaint in Case of e-ID card KPK Not Clear

Ministry of Home Affairs ( MOHA ) asked the Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) to clarify the issue of the alleged affair that becomes the case of e - ID card . Therefore , there are no irregularities in the implementation of the project .

Head of Legal Kemendagri Zudan Fakrullah Arif said the allegations of the case remains unclear . According to him , the Commission did not specify in detail where the deviation point , how many, and how the state can be said to harm .
( Read: lovebird Juara )

" The existence of these problems just makes us , as it so difficult to move . Ambiguity Commission, also makes it difficult to anticipate Kemendagri , " said Zudan when contacted AFP , Monday ( 28/4 ) .

It claimed , was not found irregularities in the implementation of the project . He himself , himself still awaiting further legal proceedings of the Commission , because there is no effort whatsoever to be done in the meantime .

Then , about Kemendagri response above rebuttal stating the Commission never gave advice on the specification of the price , Zudan declined to comment . According to him , the technical scope of the authority of the Minister of the Interior ( Interior Minister ) Gamawan Fauzi to answer .

" It became part of the minister alone . Only , for me , the e - ID card is no problem , " he said .

Head of Information Center ( Kapuspen ) Educate Kemendagri Suprayitno added , alleged this case it is not clear him . He had just communicated with Minister Gamawan Fauzi regarding this case , and it was reluctant to comment much denial Commission .

" We leave it to the legal process ," said Didik imitating what the Gamawan .


Sunday, April 27, 2014

Working on the Road , Any Time and at Any Device

Patterns have changed over the workings and demands of the times . Now the work is no longer just in the office , on the road and want to take any phone you 've been able to work .

This is confirmed by the results of studies VMware MeConomy 2014 , who studied the dynamics of change in the new workplace ( new work ) with each passing trade profile of a baby boomer to a millenial .

Millennial workforce ( also known as new workers ) are people who were born in the era of mobile , occupy positions in corporations , and they have high expectations for IT to enable the conduct of business in accordance with the speed of life .
( Read: burung murai )

They were born after 1982, and are now aged between 12 and 32 years . For the next 10 years , they will continue to enter the workforce , changing Workplaces ( workplaces ) .

Here are the key findings of the research produced by VMware conducted for the second time in Indonesia :

- . 87 % of respondents adult workers in Indonesia have a lot of devices .
- . 92 % of adult workers in the Indonesian respondents worked - on-the -go ( work while traveling to and from work ) .
- . More than 60 % of respondents considered adult workers in Indonesia work is something that is done no matter wherever they are .
- . 72 % of respondents in Indonesia adult workers believe they can memempertahankan level of productivity outside the office at least 50 % of the time while working in the office .
- . 64 % of adult workers in Indonesia find their home or home cum residence ( home office) is the ideal workplace .

According to VMware , this study reflects a new reality where more employees want the ability to work away from the office , at any time and on any device .


Apes , Intention Mix Style Ferrari Leased But Leads Tragic

Toughness super car such as the Ferrari was not in doubt . No wonder everyone wants to try to feel perfomanya while on the streets .

It was also done seroang British man who rented a Ferrari 458 Italia with the intention of showing off in front of friends and some relatives .

However apesnya , launched Inautonews , Friday, April 25, 2014 , the driver was unnamed , had an accident that made ​​him stuck in the bushes .
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According to witnesses , the driver lost control due to racing on a street in London with a speed of about 125 mph or 201 km / hour .

Prior to freefall into the bushes , bearing the Prancing Horse car with red paint wrapping it first hit the curb, then crashed into a tree .

Luckily, the car was stalled when hitting the walls of homes and also wall railroads .

In this incident , there were no casualties . The driver and occupants of the house that was hit by a survivor of the death .

For information , the Ferrari 458 Italia replaces the F430 was introduced in 2009 . For cardiac pacemaker , this car brings V8 engine with a capacity of 4.5 liters which is capable of spewing power up to 570 PS at 9,000 rpm with a torque of 540 Nm at 6,000 rpm .

When accelerating from 0-100 km / h requires 3.4 seconds , before reaching a maximum speed of 325 km / hour . ( adi )


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Is this the general Moeldoko Watches are so Spotlight?

Watches worn TNI Commander General Moeldoko managed highlighted a number of media in Singapore earlier this week . Many say these watches are rare and very expensive , with prices above Rp 1 billion .

Actually commentary on the stick at the left hand of four-star generals that have emerged since 16 April 2014 on the site . Site of Singapore is indeed often discuss anything related to watches.

However , the highlight of many new watches Moeldoko since early this week after the collected writings of another site, www.mothership.sq . The story of the boy watches were promptly moved in the virtual world as well as a discussion of the social media users of Facebook and Twitter in Indonesia .

Site menengarai that watches worn General Moeldoko the kind of Richard Mille RM 011 Felipe Massa Flyback Chronograph "Black Kite" .

A watch is the latest model of type type Felipe Massa Flyback Chronograph "Red Kite" that came out in 2011 .

Casing fired his black titanium . Titanium is known as a very strong metal and heat-resistant up to become the aerospace coatings .

Design raptors on a watch with a transparent interior make it look thick with military and sporty impression , specially besutan watches Richard Mille producer .

In addition to the chronograph function can measure the time interval until a split second more like a stopwatch , clock also features a calendar feature .

That makes it special is because these watches are produced only very limited . The allocation for the North American market and South America only 30 units. Other variants to the Asian market only produced 45 units . Either type of which is owned Moeldoko .

Manufacturing process does not take a minute. To install a bezel or the outer panel only took 8 days. Meanwhile, the installation of the rear casing and have an additional 5 days. Total there are 202 components that make up this special watch . Sekrupnya also fueled titanium and rubber coated so they can be worn in water to a depth of 50 meters .

It's also not a joke , that more than 100,000 U.S. dollars alias above Rp 1 billion .

Writing highlighting lifestyle Moeldoko appeared shortly after the controversial demand maafnya to Singapore on Channel News Asia Related naming warships Usman Harun, Pertamina diprotes Singapore Government. However , the writing is objectionable Moeldoko , Channel News Asia and mention one quote his statement that he was sorry not to meet the demands of Singapore from using the name.
( Read: pleci juara )

Usman and Aaron are two patriots Korps Commando Operations ( KKO ) TNI AL sentenced to death for bombing the building MacDonald House in Orchard Road in 1965 when berkobarnya Dwikora by President Soekarno . Both are regarded as a hero and buried in the Tomb of the Warrior kalibata .


Monday, April 21, 2014

Hadi Purnomo So Suspect, KPK Browse Private Party Involvement

Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) will explore the involvement of the private sector in the case of corruption that afflicts Chairman of the State Audit Board ( BPK ) Hadi Purnomo . KPK chairman Abraham Samad said Hadi Purnomo just fixing suspects early stage .

" This is a first step , we still continue to develop because there will be other parties . This is the first step , a more intensive engagement later we saw no other people from the private sector , " said Abraham when awarding Night People come to the show Republika Change 2013 in Jakarta , Monday ( 21/04/2014 ) .

Abraham said the suspect Hadi determination is appropriate evidence . He claims the Commission has had a number of facts and documents . " So we set a firm suspects , " he said .

When asked about the amount of commission received by Hadi , Abraham stated that the Commission is still in depth . Commission seeks to target returns in the state income tax sector , food , and energy . " We will dismantle this case . We want the country's biggest source of revenue , ie taxes , can be optimal , " he said .

Tonight Commission set Hadi as suspects in the alleged corruption related petition filed tax objection Bank Central Asia . Hadi snared in his capacity as the Director General of Taxes 2002-2004.
( Read: suara anis merah )

Hadi allegedly committed an unlawful act or abuse of authority related to the petition objection Bank Central Asia ( BCA ) as a taxpayer in 2003 . He was suspected of violating Article 2 Paragraph 1 and / or Article 3 of the Law on Corruption Eradication in conjunction with Article 55 Paragraph 1 to - 1 of the Criminal Code . When the Bank filed an objection to the tax on non - performance loan whose value is Rp 5.7 trillion . Hadi allegedly violated procedure by accepting the objection petition the BCA tax .


Have No Permission , KPAI accusations Kindergarten Education Law Violate JIS

Secretary General of the Indonesian Child Protection Commission ( KPAI ) accused Erlinda kindergarten management of Jakarta International School ( JIS ) Pondok Indah , South Jakarta , has violated the Law on National Education System . Because, according to Erlinda , kindergarten JIS unlicensed establishment .

" It is set in the Education Law number 20 of 2003 , each institution must fulfill formal legal education , while JIS does not meet that, " said Erlinda , Monday, April 21, 2014 .

JIS also be in breach of Article 78 of the Child Protection Act of Violence . In this case , the JIS is not reported to the authorities of sexual violence there .
( Read: opera mini free download )

Erlinda confirms that JIS was subjected to sanctions that revocation of operating licenses . " There is no closed - lid while , so licensing operational learning activities and other operational are not allowed within the time limit has not been determined , " said Erlinda .

KPAI hope the meeting the Minister of Education and Culture Mohammad Nuh and the Director General of Education Early Childhood ongoing to deliver the best outcome .

Erlinda also criticized the lack of nationalism material to children in school in the absence of learning Indonesian , Pancasila and Citizenship Education , and Religion . In fact , children in JIS Indonesia ranks second highest in the number of students .


Friday, April 18, 2014

Moment "Traveling" So the application's Visual Journal

When traveling, active in social networks can not be separated . Normally , taking pictures at tourist spots and sent to social networking . Well , there is a new social networking application called Pandume .

" Pandume actually is a social network that capture the moment a person becomes a series of interesting and informative information , " said Co - founder and COO Pandume Roy Butler during its launch in Jakarta , Wednesday ( 16.04.14 ) last .

He believes every person has his own way of framing the moment and his life journey . Any interest Pandume users will be divided .

" Can travel , music , food , photography , sports , culture or history , " he added .

How it works , in Pandume users are invited to capture the moment in the " Route " . Each person who crafted it is required to capture the moment in a visual journal with photos of three to eight fitted with an explanation of no more than 140 characters and the existence of the information .

To be more personal can also say a friend in the " Route " is. In addition , there are tracking systems that allow users to see the trail ride that is being or has been done . The form of points that can eventually interconnect with one another journey .

Another feature is the " Now" , a feature for users who wish to emulate the " Route " other users so that creates guides in the list of experience . In addition there is the "Search " is useful to keep track of " Route " other users . As well as the " Share " transform and disseminate information about travel experiences that are connected through other social media accounts .

" We greatly appreciate the creative product like this . Present social applications based on community needs , to draw it also can be a promotion of tourism by providing a guide to find the best destination place , " said Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Republic of Indonesia Marie Elka Pangestu on occasion same .

Of course , not devoted only to users who are happy to travel alone . Party Pandume target users productive age 19 to 45 years .

" Not limited to the traveler , because traveling is not just going to distant places , " he said .

Prior to launch , Pandume been used by a limited circle . Many a traveler who already use it . One of them Dina , blogger Two Backpacks .

" Whoever likes guaranteed because the color that appeals to me , Pandume really enabled me to find information or share travel experiences , " said a woman who lives with her ​​husband 's nomadic .

Meanwhile , the owner of the twitter account @ TravellersID , Pradikta Dwi Anthony , also already tried this application since September last year . According to him, this is not in the kind of social applications is the " Route " .

" Memories and moments that spilled into a useless , photo album here together with a brief explanation and eventually became the story intact . Needless stacked with other users and also minimize repeated experiences , " he said
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Unfortunately, to date this application is only available for iOS only. As for Android being prepared for next June .


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Xperia Z, ZL and ZR Kitkat Will Receive Upgrades in Q2 2014

Xperia Z , ZL and ZR Kitkat Will Receive Upgrades in Q2 2014
Mobile phone maker based in Japan , Sony Mobile , has confirmed some time ago that they plan to provide the Android operating system upgrade to version 4.4.2 KitKat to some of the Z series Xperia , Xperia ZL and ZR Xperia . The upgrade is said to be made ​​in Q2 2014 .

Quoted from Softpedia , shows its seriousness in providing upgrades to some of the Z series Xperia , Xperia ZL and ZR Xperia , Sony even has updated the product page at Xperia Blog for all the mobile phone , add a caption " May 2014 " as the release period to upgrade the platform KitKat Android OS v 4.4.2 for the Xperia series .
see alsovitamin burung murai batu )

Unfortunately , the Sony does not provide specific information about the release date of the update , so it looks like users will have to wait a few more weeks to receive the following information , or it could even reach the end of May 2014 . Likely, Sony will make an official announcement of the availability of the release of the new platform as soon as it is ready roll - out , so that users ie Z Xperia series , the Xperia ZL and ZR Xperia can immediately install .


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

PAN Not Interested Islamic Coalition Party

National Mandate Party ( PAN ) is not interested in discourse coalition parties based Islamic period to nominate candidates for president and vice president on July 9, 2014 Presidential Election .

According to the Chairman of the National Election Campaign Committee ( KPPNs ) DPP PAN Joncik Muhammad , nation building is difficult to do if there are efforts to compartmentalize messing nationalist coalition between the party and the party of Islam .

" Messing compartmentalize nationalist parties , religious parties , it is not the right view . How do we want to build a nation if there is messing coalition compartmentalize like that , " said Joncik Muhammad in Jakarta , Wednesday ( 04/16/2014 ) .

Joncik say , PAN does not want to fall in discourse coalition of Islamic parties . According to him , the PAN party coalition chose realistically , by the party who has a similar vision and mission .

Referring to this, he said , is currently exploring PAN intensive communication with the PDI-P and Gerindra .

Joncik emphasize bargaining PAN in political communication is carrying Hatta Rajasa as a candidate for vice president of Indonesia in 2014 .

" Mr. Hatta as the vice presidential candidate in stone . Like anyone who is more competent than Mr. Hatta , he's already proven in government and perfect , " said Joncik .
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He said that , if coalition with PDI - P and Gerindra realized , still needed a coalition with other parties to ensure that the new government will have the support by the parliament .


Answer Sheet logged in Madiun Not Complete

A number of examinees nationwide high school social science majors in Madiun , East Java , receive answer sheets English subjects did not complete . Choice answers A through E should have just listed A to D. " In our school there are 43 students who received a national exam answer sheet is not complete, from number 1 to 50 , " said Head of State High School 1 Madiun Imron Rosidi , Wednesday, April 16 , 2014.

State Islamic University of Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang and Widya Mandala Catholic University of Madiun served at a local school . It was agreed that for students who choose to answer suggested E option to add a column on the answer sheet . " Shaded like the size of the columns other answers . LJUN can not be replaced because it was a package deal with the matter , " said Imron .
( Read: cara download video youtube lewat hp )

He said something similar is also found in other schools . In fact , according to the information acquired from the independent monitoring team , a high school in East Java experienced the same thing . " I do not know for sure what kind . Clearly , SMA 3 is also like this . I had called the principal, " he said .

Head of Education , Culture , Youth , and Sports City of Madison Suyoto said the findings were already known . According to him , the results of coordination with the UN committee of East Java province , it will not affect the assessment by computer scanning systems . " Answer option E would be preserved . Prior to scanning , LJUN will be replaced by the provincial committee , " he said .

Therefore , he urged the UN participants are not troubled by these problems . Therefore , incomplete answer option will not affect the assessment test for high school students of class XII and equal .


Monday, April 14, 2014

PDI-P secretary general Jokowi So Commander Denies Presidential Election Campaign

DPP Secretary-General PDI Struggle ( PDI -P ) Tjahjo Kumolo protesting the decision of the Golkar PDI- P of Megawati Sukarnoputri pointing Joko Widodo as generals winnings in the presidential election .
Tjahjo say , up until now the Central Hall ( DPP ) PDI- P has formed a team winnings presidential election .

" The ngomong one , MBAK Eva ? Ask to MBAK Eva . MBAK DPP Manager Eva is not right , " said the Office of the DPP Tjahjo PDI- P , Lenteng Agung , South Jakarta , Monday ( 04/14/2014 ) .

Tjahjo say , at this time his party is still doing internal evaluations related to the acquisition of voice in legislative elections . In the near future , the PDI -P cadres will gather in Jakarta to discuss the acquisition of the voice .

Moreover, Joko Widodo as a potential candidate for president of the PDI -P continues to establish communication with all political parties Faced Islam .
Coalition decision will be taken this week or next week . " No debate ( team winnings presidential election ) , " said Tjahjo .
( see also: obat burung dara balap )

Earlier, a spokesman for the presidential election winnings PDI- P , Eva Kusuma Sundari , said that Jokowi commander in winnings PDI- P in the presidential election . The decision was given by Megawati to Jokowi . Body winnings DPP election PDI- P , led by Mrs. Empress will also be involved in it .


Friday, April 11, 2014

Lenovo S650 and A3300 is Now Available in the Market

After the presence of a premium smartphone Lenovo K910 Vibe titled Z , Lenovo quietly has begun to market two new products in the form of tablets and smartphones . Lenovo is the Lenovo S650 and A3300 whose presence is obtained from one of leading distributors ITC Roxy Mas Jakarta .

Lenovo Lenovo S650 is the latest smartphone that was officially introduced in Indonesia in late 2013 ago . This device comes with a 4.7 -inch qHD resolution display is 234 ppi pixel density . Wrapped with a quad -core processor 1.3GHz Cortex - A7 belongs to MediaTek , the Smartphone with SIM slot capability is also equipped with 8GB of internal memory with a microSD card slot . 138x69.8x8.7 mm dimension and weighs 126 grams . S650 uses 2.000mAh battery capacity .

For availability of the price , the Lenovo S650 is priced at Rp2 , 8 million.
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While Lenovo A3300 is an Android-based tablet PC aiming for the middle class down . From the specifications are carried, this device comes with support for 7 -inch display panel dimension IPS ( 600 x 1024p ) , dual-core processor 1.3 GHz , 1GB RAM , 2MP rear camera and VGA front camera .

As for connectivity , A3300 only provides data access EDGE ( 2G ) as well as additional WiFi , Bluetooth and MicroUSB 2.0 port . From the list price displayed on the A3300 Lenovo distributors only priced at Rp1 , 5 million.

So , with the presence of two of Lenovo 's latest product , consumers now have a variety of smartphones and tablets are desired in accordance with the budget and needs. Interested?


Indonesia Targets 100 Million Cubic Wood Production

Indonesian forest potential in producing a very large timber . Indonesia needs to develop plantations .

" For a growing timber industry no choice but to plant forests , " Forestry Minister Zulkifli Hasan said while attending IndoGreen Forestry Expo 2014 at the Jakarta Convention Center on Friday ( 11/4 ) .

Zulkifli explained that Indonesia has an advantage in plantation forests . Within five years has been able to harvest , because Indonesia has always had sunshine all year round .

The role of plantations should be developed so that the timber industry could continue to rise . But it must be based on people . In the next 15 years Indonesia targets can produce 100 million cubic meters . Currently, Indonesia is only able to reach 40 million cubic meters .

Compared to other ASEAN countries such as Malaysia , Indonesia's presence far above . " We only lost to Sweden , " said Zulkifli .
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Currently Sweden is able to harvest 100 million cubic meters of wood per year . Though Indonesian territory four times larger than Sweden . This can happen because Sweden does not allow the existence of vacant land . While in Indonesia , Sumatra and Borneo are still a lot of vacant land .


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Update Samsung Gear Fit, Give Choices Vertical Screen Orientation

Samsung reportedly has updated its Samsung Gear Fit to be able to turn on a vertical screen orientation that can give users convenience.

As we know, Samsung Gear Fit is one of the supporters of fitness accessories with AMOLED screen. Unfortunately the screen on this device is only able to be used at the beginning of its emergence horizonhal. This makes it rather difficult for the user to use it when the device is in the wrist, as reported by sammobile.

Gear Fit Vertical Orientation 2

The existence of these features has been confirmed by Gear Fit residing at the official store of Samsung in South Korea. This update may well have been attached to all Samsung Gear Fit in other regions. Gear Fit Samsung planned to be sold globally on April 11, along with Gear 2 and Galaxy S5.

Seeing the limited abilities, some consumers also seemed to want to expect more. Well, from the information obtained from the Korea Herald, the Samsung rumored to be working on Gear Solo, watch phone. Today was the name of Solo Gear Samsung has patented body-Korean Intellectual Property Office, although later at the launch of the names may change.
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Samsung Gear Solo SIM cards will be equipped with its own mobile network connection, for voice and data. For the first phase of Solo reported hours phone Gear will be available exclusively for SK Telecom, which became a co-worker of Samsung in the process of development.


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Chinese tourists fistfight in Aircraft Thai Airways

Thai Airways -owned airline of Thailand , last week , explaining the details of the incident recorded a video of a fight between three Chinese tourists in the Thai Airways flight , flying from Bangkok to Beijing .
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According Chatree Pongsak , director of the department of safety Thai Airways flight operations , the incident occurred on February 12, 2014 after a Chinese man cabin crew refuse to enforce his chair while eating . The passenger , a man , insisted that he wanted to continue sleeping .

That prompted two other Chinese citizens , ie a man and a woman , who was sitting right behind him , the chair rocked it in an attempt to force him to enforce his chair . A hot quarrel ensued and then turned into a punch up . A number of objects were thrown in the fight .

The incident was recorded one other passenger who then upload the recording duration was 1.31 minutes to YouTube on February 15 .
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Chatree said the cabin crew has implemented a standard procedure to stop the fight and separated the two sides to a different place on the plane . Such steps include record their names in order to make sure they would sit apart if traveling on the same flight at a later time .


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Snowy Owl Invasion by ship

Netherlands is under the spell of snowy owls . The rare and huge white owl that normally live above the Arctic Circle , suddenly pops up in various places in the Netherlands . At least five different snowy owls have been seen. Of the Frisian Islands in the middle of Amsterdam and even Limburg . Where do these owls come from? Bird lover Frans van der Esch may have a dramatic statement .

Vlieland , Terschelling , Texel and even in the heart of Amsterdam to Limburg are snowy owls seen . This impressive white birds ( 55-70 cm high and 1.5 meter wingspan ) are found in the Arctic regions , and typically only occasionally we see one in the Netherlands . But now there are at least five different snowy owls seen and that is unprecedented . (see also: obat burung)

It now appears that these owls from Canada come . Visit Netherlands In the United States is in fact a large "invasion" of snow owls in progress . Never been there in the past fifty years so many snowy owls seen in the U.S. . And they are uncommon south and even Bermuda , Carolina and Missouri . This kind of invasions occur when the owls food - mainly rodents - is not sufficiently available . In addition, this year it was a very good breeding season for snowy owls and the extremely bad weather in Canada and the northern part of the U.S.. Consequence : the owls flocked to the south . But how come the snowy owls than in the Netherlands right ?

Therefore we call bird lover Frans van der Esch from Groningen . He has a spectacular possible explanation for the snowy owls invasion .
" On December 7, I sailed as a passenger with a container ship from New York to Europe . Two days later we came across Canada , about 50 miles from Newfoundland , and when we were suddenly visited by nine large white birds . I knew immediately that it was snowy owls . I've seen used to be one on Vlieland . My former biology teacher would not believe it , so I have time to really study them. I therefore knew immediately that the two males and seven females were . Really gorgeous! They were by the violent storm in progress was exhausted and crawled on the containers close together. Once at sea , they could not move anymore , and they stayed on board . "

No owl flew away?
" No, certainly not at the beginning . On December 11, we arrived in the vicinity of the Azores and I noticed that they were impatient and were hungry . But the Azores were still 150 miles away. They flew narrowly over the waves , as if they wanted to catch something. That was spectacular though, because the waves were 10 meters high. A ship for us even lost some containers so rough was the sea . But for the snowy owls seemed like a hopeless situation . Eventually on December 12 off the coast of Spain , five snowy owls on board and December 14, 50 miles off the coast of France are again less . I do not know if the birds have flown off the coast have reached or chose another passing ship . "

Had the crew also that they had a special meaning ?
" They did a little careless in the beginning. But when I told them about how special it was and they did look through the viewer that hit all around . Eventually they were all pictures of owls make and they loved it. "

When owls flew the last board? (see also: vitamin burung)
That was on December 15 in New Zealand . I think there were two. Which will have the Dutch coast certainly achieved . Great to hear that there are five snowy owls have been seen in the Netherlands now. Since there are hopefully a few of our boat between , or perhaps it all. Superb also that there is a snowy owl on Vlieland is seen . A snowy owl on my favorite island. Thus the circle. "

For the latest information on where snowy owls are seen in the Netherlands .


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Plant Characteristics The Charming Black Orchid

The orchid plant has many types and characteristics of each , and now we will discuss about the Characteristics of Black Orchid Plants That Charming . Native plants in East Kalimantan is very much in the rush by lovers of ornamental plants , orchids and plants has become a rare plant in Indonesia , so do not be surprised if this plant is one of the protected plants .
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Rare Black Orchid Plants

Plants Anggre Black

Black orchid plant or in its Latin pandurata Coelogyne this is a plant that is beautiful and charming , and this plant is characterized by its flower color is black , so this type of orchid plants orchid called black , as was the narrowing and hunt freely , the plant is in crowned as rare plants in Indonesia .

The characteristics of the black orchid

- Bud bubga it can reach more than 14 per bunch ,

- Long has a diameter of less than 10 cm ,

- Have petals that lansep and taper , with a length of approximately 5 cm , and a width of approximately 2 cm ,

- And memepunyai petals are pointy ,

It being another hallmark of the black orchid leaves that have a considerable length of about 40 cm , the width can reach 10 cm , while for the black orchid plants fruit has oblong shape with a length of about 7 cm and its width of 2 to 3 cm , and characteristics of black orchids and other orchids that this plant has a scent that is more fragrant .

And for his life , this kind of orchid plants is tantamount to his orchids in general is stuck in the trees or rocks that are humut her , and this unusual orchid plants or flowering blooms in certain months just like in March to June .

This orchid plants can be developed in a manner in the capture or quasi- separate bulbs , or it could be by planting his seed , and so many have managed to expand this plant it both ways .
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Rare Black Orchid Plants
Well that Plant Characteristics The Charming Black Orchid , may be useful and beg to preserve these orchids gan ..... For the sake of our children and grandchildren ....


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Super rare cat found alive in Borneo

Some cats have just caught Borneo camera sensor mounted in the middle of a jungle. This is alarming considering that cats are creatures truly rare and humans .
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As reported by Fox News ( 5/11 ) , the cat was recorded on video many times . This video is the result of a follow-up observation of images with the same object in 2003 .

Researchers from the Zoological Society of London and Imperial College London said they found at least four places where the cat is seen in Borneo . By doing so , the four places listed here once known so the cat habitat .

Besides cats Borneo alone , there were also Neofelis diardi , Prionailurus bengalensis , Prionailurus planiceps , and Pardofelis marmorata successful researcher recorded . Three of the four cats really vulnerable to extinction .

" We were very surprised to see there are a lot of cats sejali Borneo at this place when natural forests there have started being cleared for sale , " says the researcher .

Until now own very little literature that could explain what the Borneo cat . This is because their properties are shy and do not breed regularly .

( see also: lomba burung love bird )

It is estimated that currently there are only 2,5 thousand Borneo adult cats in the wild . This population will decline to 20 percent in the next 12 years due to rampant illegal logging in Borneo .