Friday, April 18, 2014

Moment "Traveling" So the application's Visual Journal

When traveling, active in social networks can not be separated . Normally , taking pictures at tourist spots and sent to social networking . Well , there is a new social networking application called Pandume .

" Pandume actually is a social network that capture the moment a person becomes a series of interesting and informative information , " said Co - founder and COO Pandume Roy Butler during its launch in Jakarta , Wednesday ( 16.04.14 ) last .

He believes every person has his own way of framing the moment and his life journey . Any interest Pandume users will be divided .

" Can travel , music , food , photography , sports , culture or history , " he added .

How it works , in Pandume users are invited to capture the moment in the " Route " . Each person who crafted it is required to capture the moment in a visual journal with photos of three to eight fitted with an explanation of no more than 140 characters and the existence of the information .

To be more personal can also say a friend in the " Route " is. In addition , there are tracking systems that allow users to see the trail ride that is being or has been done . The form of points that can eventually interconnect with one another journey .

Another feature is the " Now" , a feature for users who wish to emulate the " Route " other users so that creates guides in the list of experience . In addition there is the "Search " is useful to keep track of " Route " other users . As well as the " Share " transform and disseminate information about travel experiences that are connected through other social media accounts .

" We greatly appreciate the creative product like this . Present social applications based on community needs , to draw it also can be a promotion of tourism by providing a guide to find the best destination place , " said Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Republic of Indonesia Marie Elka Pangestu on occasion same .

Of course , not devoted only to users who are happy to travel alone . Party Pandume target users productive age 19 to 45 years .

" Not limited to the traveler , because traveling is not just going to distant places , " he said .

Prior to launch , Pandume been used by a limited circle . Many a traveler who already use it . One of them Dina , blogger Two Backpacks .

" Whoever likes guaranteed because the color that appeals to me , Pandume really enabled me to find information or share travel experiences , " said a woman who lives with her ​​husband 's nomadic .

Meanwhile , the owner of the twitter account @ TravellersID , Pradikta Dwi Anthony , also already tried this application since September last year . According to him, this is not in the kind of social applications is the " Route " .

" Memories and moments that spilled into a useless , photo album here together with a brief explanation and eventually became the story intact . Needless stacked with other users and also minimize repeated experiences , " he said
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Unfortunately, to date this application is only available for iOS only. As for Android being prepared for next June .


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