Thursday, May 1, 2014

There are new claims Debris findings Malaysia Airlines MH370, in the waters of Vietnam!

British marine archaeologist , Tim Akers , claims to have found belonging to Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 . Daily Mail May 1, 2014 edition contains Arkers believes that the wreckage was in Vietnamese waters .

As advocates claim , Akers shows satellite images which according to him forming the tail piece , two cabin windows , and other debris . Location discovery is located in the South China Sea .
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Akers other statements corroborate earlier claims came about finding the wreckage in the coastal waters of Vietnam , an area which is under the flight route of the aircraft when contact is lost . Previously , the belief about the debris in the area revealed by an American pilot , Michael Hoebel .

Among the photographs are claimed to be the subject of analysis Akers , photographed also that the location of the alleged discovery of debris MH370 was adjacent to the offshore oil refineries and is on track crossed by fast boat .

Akers was argued , search Boeing 777 - ER is in the Indian Ocean , which is still underway , involving multi-state effort , will not get anything .

Satellite imagery on which to base a search in the Indian Ocean , according to Akers , only directing the search team on " junk " sea of debris remainder of the 2004 tsunami that hit Aceh to South Asia at the time .

For comparison , Akers also said that the same garbage debris from Japan's earthquake and tsunami is still too scattered in the Pacific Ocean . " That's why ( in both the ocean ) there is a lot of debris with a diverse spectrum , " he said as quoted by the Daily Mail .

Akers is a marine archaeologist who also experienced probe Indian Ocean for years . He has been involved in the search for the rest of the warship HMAS Sydney which sank in World War II .

Meanwhile , search efforts in the Indian Ocean region has been shifted again to the Bay of Bengal region . This shift is based on the analysis of the company's technology , which match the metal aircraft components with the analysis of the light reactions to the metals .


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