Friday, April 11, 2014

Indonesia Targets 100 Million Cubic Wood Production

Indonesian forest potential in producing a very large timber . Indonesia needs to develop plantations .

" For a growing timber industry no choice but to plant forests , " Forestry Minister Zulkifli Hasan said while attending IndoGreen Forestry Expo 2014 at the Jakarta Convention Center on Friday ( 11/4 ) .

Zulkifli explained that Indonesia has an advantage in plantation forests . Within five years has been able to harvest , because Indonesia has always had sunshine all year round .

The role of plantations should be developed so that the timber industry could continue to rise . But it must be based on people . In the next 15 years Indonesia targets can produce 100 million cubic meters . Currently, Indonesia is only able to reach 40 million cubic meters .

Compared to other ASEAN countries such as Malaysia , Indonesia's presence far above . " We only lost to Sweden , " said Zulkifli .
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Currently Sweden is able to harvest 100 million cubic meters of wood per year . Though Indonesian territory four times larger than Sweden . This can happen because Sweden does not allow the existence of vacant land . While in Indonesia , Sumatra and Borneo are still a lot of vacant land .


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