Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Feeling "Injured Party", Ex-regent Sragen Ask PK

Former Regent Sragen , Central Java , Lucky Sarono Wiyono back a trial of Semarang Corruption Act , Wednesday ( 05/28/2014 ) . This is the second time . He's back in session after acquitted at first instance .

In the decision , the criminal punished Lucky 7 years and a fine of Rp 200 million . He is also required to replace the entire replacement cost of Rp 10.5 billion . If you can not return the replaced with imprisonment of four years .
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In court , Lucky tried to file a judicial review ( PK ) against the decision of the Supreme Court . New evidence (Novum ) as a prerequisite submitted to the judges . However , in the trial , the prosecutor in the State Attorney Sragen reject a proposed Novum Lucky and his attorney , Dani Sriyanto .

According to prosecutors , Novum proposed is not new evidence . This so because the evidence presented was never delivered to the court of first instance .

" In essence , that Novum latest report is not filed , so that the request can not be granted PK . Additionally , Novum that contains no power of attorney or written proof of Sragen Regent , Agus Fathurrahman when borrowing does not mean there is no evidence . However , of witnesses could also be valid evidence , " the prosecutor said febrie Hartanto , Semarang Corruption Court on Wednesday ( 28/05/2014 ) .

According to the prosecution , the evidence submitted by Lucky can not stand alone . However , it must be supported by witness testimony . Then , based on witness testimony and the verdict there , he sure is a good thing that commanded the local cash disbursement .

Novum whom defendant filed relating to the results of the audit and evidence of melting when he was serving as regent . BPK audit results were released , according Fortunately , not to mention the loss of state finances . However , it rejected the prosecutor .

" BPK audit results have not considered binding legal decision . Thus the compensation of Rp 10.5 billion remain charged to the defendant , " added Febri .

Attorney himself begged PK Fortunately rejected , or at least unacceptable . In addition, the prosecutor requested that the verdict will be able to PK Supreme Court upheld the ruling . Repulsion top prosecutor , Lucky remains optimistic .

PK filed with the available evidence will be accepted by the Supreme Court . He believes that the proposed Novum declared his innocence . Fortunately own claim oppressed graft Sragen 2003-2010 budget data, these cost the state Rp 11.2 billion .

He reasoned liquefaction deposits on the orders of Sragen Regent Agus Fatchurrohman , not on command . To that end , the regent of Sragen now asked to be responsible .

"At that time I had actually issued a disposition prohibit redemptions will cause a loss of deposits due to the state . But now instead of Regents gave disposition to liquefaction , " he concluded .


Monday, May 26, 2014

Suryadharma Pleaded Not Backward as Menag Urged by President

One day after named as a suspect by the Corruption Eradication Commission , Suryadharma Ali admitted that he was not planning to resign as a Minister of Religion . However , Suryadharma offered to resign during a meeting with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono at Bogor Palace , Monday ( 26/05/2014 ) afternoon .

During the meeting , Suryadharma not submit a letter of resignation because of not making it . Is there an insistence retreat of the President ?

" No, it's just a matter of ethics ," said Suryadharma in Polonia House , on Monday .
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Suryadharma aware , the problem at hand today is very difficult . He says he wants to focus with ongoing law enforcement and do not want performance as a Minister of Religion disturbed .

" I have to focus , this problem is very hard for me and my family," he said .

He said that the resignation letter will be delivered on Wednesday ( 28/05/2014 ) due on Tuesday ( 27/05/2014 ) is the Ascension holiday .

In a meeting with the President and Vice President Boediono , Suryadharma asked to explain the case of alleged corruption in organizing Hajj Corruption Eradication Commission alleged . During the meeting , he was not guilty . However, State Secretary Sudi Silalahi mentioned that Suryadharma resigned .

SBY accept the resignation . PPP Chairman was requested to submit the resignation in writing within 1 or 2 days ahead .


Friday, May 23, 2014

Explosion in Pakistan Kills A Guard Malls

Two bomb explosions shook Islamabad , the Pakistani capital , early Saturday and caused a death toll and injured another person .

This event occurs after the military stopped air strikes against the guerrillas . The first blast occurred around 02:00 am in the shopping district near the city center .

" A guard died in the hospital . He is badly wounded and his life not helped . Victims second guard also now receive treatment , " said Hafiz Hussain Chaudhry , a police official .
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He said it is not clear whether the blast was caused by a suicide bomber .
There is no immediate recognition for the blast which occurred three days after a series of air attacks by the military on militant hideouts that killed 76 people .

Local television showed images of the first blast showed shattered glass also branches scattered in the streets .

Mohammad Alu , another policeman , told reporters that the next blast occurred in a car .

" Low-intensity explosives had been mounted on a car and the blast destroyed his car but no one was hurt , " he said .

The second explosion occurred about half an hour after the first explosion at different places in the city . This is the first blast in Islamabad since an explosion in the fruit and vegetable market on April 22 that killed at least 22 people .


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Leaking Not Treated, flats in appendices Prone to Fires

Leakage problem which occurs in almost all flat units appendices , Cakung , East Jakarta , can pose a potential fire . Water channel was wrong cause water seeping residents often the electrical installation .

Monday ( 5/19/2014 ) ago , there was a small fire in the unit the couple Pablo and Iroh ( 36 ) , resident relocation Sentiong origin time , Kamayoran , Central Jakarta . Fortunately , the fire had not spread to other units . The fire only burns some furniture .

" It seems the fire early in the morning , I was still sleeping . So people who see continued screaming fire . Reason is because in my bathroom is leaking , " Iroh said , when met , Thursday ( 22/05/2014 ) afternoon .
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According to him , the fire grabbed a plastic cabinet and three helmets . Thick black smoke filled the room had a bathroom and a clothesline in the back . The fire was extinguished after Iroh husband awoke to the screams of the citizens .

" The fire is tolerable . Cables all subject to the same kitchen and the bathroom is all black , " Iroh said .

Previously , Lani ( 52 ) , said the power in his unit had experienced a short circuit . Again , this happens due to a leak in the unit .

" Never shorting because of the water . 's Why it's in my bathroom lights are always turned off . Behind lights also my baseball life , " said resident relocation origin Sentiong this time .

Leakage problem report has been submitted to the manager Lani . However, it was never addressed or corrected . It makes citizens alarmed by the danger of short circuit .

Ferry ( 36 ) , a resident of the other towers , said , managers should pay attention to this issue . He said he hopes that soon there was improvement by managers . However , up to now, the leakage problem was never addressed .

"Then it was harmful to the towers. Due to system building here paste . And the bathroom was leaking all technicians here but baseball works , " said Ferry .


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Prabowo-Hatta Promise Revenues Increase to $ 60 Million

Mate Prabowo - Hatta Rajasa determined to increase the per capita income of Indonesia's population , from Rp 35 million to Rp 60 million minimum . This is an effort to build a strong economy , sovereign , just and prosperous as a real implementation of the agenda and program to save Indonesia .

That is one translation of the vision - mission of presidential candidates that carried Gerindra vice president and five other political parties , as quoted from the official website of the Commission .

The following points related complete build a strong economy , sovereign , just and prosperous .
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1 . Increasing per capita income of residents of Rp 35 million to Rp 60 million with a minimum of economic growth to 7 percent per year towards growth above 10 percent , with the strategy of high -quality economic growth through increased growth through the production sector so that an optimal balance is achieved with growth triggered consumption .

2 . Improving the equity and quality of economic growth by reducing the gap between the poor and the rich ( lower the Gini index of 0.41 into 0.31 ) , and increasing the human development index ( HDI ) of approximately 75 to 85 .

3 . Improve absorption of the labor force towards 2 million jobs per year through improved regulation and infrastructure for the processing of labor-intensive industries ( textiles , shoes , footwear , electronics , and other ) , and the opening of new agricultural land , and make -owned enterprises state ( SOEs ) that have strategic value to the economy of the nation as a locomotive and spearhead economic revival and sovereignty .

4 . Establish processing industries to add value to the control of the national economy .

5 . Establishing and developing national industry .

6 . Taking a proactive policy in maintaining stability of the financial sector through the reduction of the risk of instability of internal and external financial sector .

7 . Establish Special Economic Zone ( SEZ ) Finance integrated with tourism , property , education , creative industry , services , retail and commercial . Government investment budgeted approximately 2.25 billion - 3 billion over 7 years .

8 . Organizing Budget is pro-people . In terms of acceptance , increase state revenues from about 12 percent to 16 percent ratio of GDP to implement the intensification and extension of tax collection and improvement of the tax system fairer and suppress wasteful and inefficient spending budget .

9 . Terms of state spending , making government spending rather than simply as a source of growth , but also as a means of equalization .

10 . The financing side :
a. Gradually lowering the budget deficit to 1 percent of GDP began in 2017 , which focused on financing infrastructure deficit .
b . Reduce new foreign loans by the government , both multilateral and bilateral , with a target to zero in 2019 .
c . Managing government debt carefully and wisely and utilize efficiently and effectively .
d . Develop innovative financial products from countries that are integrated with the tax innovation , especially in the form of infrastructure bonds .
e . Developing social infrastructure financing schemes such as clean water and hospitals , among others, by the PPP / Private Finance Initiative ( PFI ) to record the cost of money was only slightly above coupon securities .

11 . Improving the competitiveness of businesses in the ASEAN Economic Community and the global competition .

12 . Makes Indonesia as a center of banking / finance sharia Muslim world and the creative industries as well as building a village of creativity for the creative industries in various cities / counties that potential .


Monday, May 19, 2014

Gen. Leaders Speak political statesman Relations gays

Chairman of the Board of Trustees Gerindra Prabowo praised the attitude of the leaders of the political parties that support him as a presidential candidate and Hatta Rajasa as vice presidential candidates . Prabowo referred to them as statesmen .

Prabowo praise was delivered in the event declaration in support of the six political parties Polonia House , Jalan Cempedak Cipinang , East Jakarta , Monday ( 19/05/2014 ) afternoon . Gerindra addition , five other political parties are supporting Prabowo - Hatta is Golkar , PAN , PPP , PKS , and the United Nations .

Prabowo told , with the results of the legislative elections yesterday were not much different , it is difficult to determine with her running mate . He considered many great cadre of supporters of any political party so hard vote if there is no soul and statesman of great leaders.
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Prabowo give an example when the Shura Council Chairman Hilmi Aminuddin MCC offered three figures election winners Kingdom MCC , namely Anis Matta , Hidayat Nur Wahid , and Ahmad Heryawan , to be his running mate .

" But , if Mr select the other, we do not mind , " Prabowo said quoting Hilmi . " Excellent properties such statesmen , " added Prabowo .

Prabowo also praised the PPP Chairman Suryadharma Ali who expressed unconditional support . Similarly, the General Chairman of Golkar Party Bakrie , who today officially provide support after failing to form a coalition with the Democratic Party and supporting shaft Joko Widodo .

" He ( Bakrie ) figures who had a good track record , the leader of the second largest political party , but is willing to support me . 's Something not envisaged by the observers , " said the former commander of Kopassus .

In his speech , Prabowo admitted with Hatta will prepare a cabinet consisting of the best sons if elected later . " We're not counting how many seats the party which can . None chairman ( political parties ) are talking about it , " said Prabowo .


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sutan Allegedly Thank Gratuities Related Discussion Revised Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources

Chairman of House of Representatives Commission VII Sutan Bhatoegana allegedly received gifts or promise relating to the discussion of the state budget revenue expenditure changes ( Revised ) at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources in 2013 . Yet known how exactly the money allegedly received Sutan . KPK spokesman Johan Budi said no information about the value of money which allegedly accepted the Democratic Party politician .

" Regarding the details of the material , I'll try searching further , I will ask the investigator , " Johan said in announcing the establishment of Sutan as suspects in Jakarta , Wednesday ( 05/14/2014 ) .
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In the ruling the former Head of Oil and Gas SKK Rudi Rubiandini on April 29 , the judge said , Rudi has handed 200,000 dollars to the Chairman of House Commission VII Sutan Bhatoegana . The money is part of the bribe given by the Commissioner Kernel Oil , Pte , Ltd , Simon Tanjaya to Rudi Gunawan . Bribes given through Deviardi Simon .

In the trial -related information also appeared receipt of money by Rudi , partly because he was urged to help the Secretary General of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Waryono Karno smooth EMR budget discussion in the House of Representatives Commission VII .

Regarding the facts of this trial , Johan recognizes that the determination of Sutan as suspects is the result of oil and gas development SKK investigations that led to Rudi . " Starting from SKK case of oil and gas which is then further investigation , after investigation , concluded that there was no allegation of corruption allegedly committed SB , what his capacity as a member of Parliament , " he said .

Commission set Sutan as a suspect through investigation warrant ( sprindik ) KPK leaders signed on May 13, 2014 . Sutan suspected of violating Article 12 paragraph a or b or Article 11 and Article 12 B of Law on Corruption Eradication in conjunction with Article 55 paragraph 1 to -1 Penal Code .