Thursday, March 13, 2014

Snowy Owl Invasion by ship

Netherlands is under the spell of snowy owls . The rare and huge white owl that normally live above the Arctic Circle , suddenly pops up in various places in the Netherlands . At least five different snowy owls have been seen. Of the Frisian Islands in the middle of Amsterdam and even Limburg . Where do these owls come from? Bird lover Frans van der Esch may have a dramatic statement .

Vlieland , Terschelling , Texel and even in the heart of Amsterdam to Limburg are snowy owls seen . This impressive white birds ( 55-70 cm high and 1.5 meter wingspan ) are found in the Arctic regions , and typically only occasionally we see one in the Netherlands . But now there are at least five different snowy owls seen and that is unprecedented . (see also: obat burung)

It now appears that these owls from Canada come . Visit Netherlands In the United States is in fact a large "invasion" of snow owls in progress . Never been there in the past fifty years so many snowy owls seen in the U.S. . And they are uncommon south and even Bermuda , Carolina and Missouri . This kind of invasions occur when the owls food - mainly rodents - is not sufficiently available . In addition, this year it was a very good breeding season for snowy owls and the extremely bad weather in Canada and the northern part of the U.S.. Consequence : the owls flocked to the south . But how come the snowy owls than in the Netherlands right ?

Therefore we call bird lover Frans van der Esch from Groningen . He has a spectacular possible explanation for the snowy owls invasion .
" On December 7, I sailed as a passenger with a container ship from New York to Europe . Two days later we came across Canada , about 50 miles from Newfoundland , and when we were suddenly visited by nine large white birds . I knew immediately that it was snowy owls . I've seen used to be one on Vlieland . My former biology teacher would not believe it , so I have time to really study them. I therefore knew immediately that the two males and seven females were . Really gorgeous! They were by the violent storm in progress was exhausted and crawled on the containers close together. Once at sea , they could not move anymore , and they stayed on board . "

No owl flew away?
" No, certainly not at the beginning . On December 11, we arrived in the vicinity of the Azores and I noticed that they were impatient and were hungry . But the Azores were still 150 miles away. They flew narrowly over the waves , as if they wanted to catch something. That was spectacular though, because the waves were 10 meters high. A ship for us even lost some containers so rough was the sea . But for the snowy owls seemed like a hopeless situation . Eventually on December 12 off the coast of Spain , five snowy owls on board and December 14, 50 miles off the coast of France are again less . I do not know if the birds have flown off the coast have reached or chose another passing ship . "

Had the crew also that they had a special meaning ?
" They did a little careless in the beginning. But when I told them about how special it was and they did look through the viewer that hit all around . Eventually they were all pictures of owls make and they loved it. "

When owls flew the last board? (see also: vitamin burung)
That was on December 15 in New Zealand . I think there were two. Which will have the Dutch coast certainly achieved . Great to hear that there are five snowy owls have been seen in the Netherlands now. Since there are hopefully a few of our boat between , or perhaps it all. Superb also that there is a snowy owl on Vlieland is seen . A snowy owl on my favorite island. Thus the circle. "

For the latest information on where snowy owls are seen in the Netherlands .


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Plant Characteristics The Charming Black Orchid

The orchid plant has many types and characteristics of each , and now we will discuss about the Characteristics of Black Orchid Plants That Charming . Native plants in East Kalimantan is very much in the rush by lovers of ornamental plants , orchids and plants has become a rare plant in Indonesia , so do not be surprised if this plant is one of the protected plants .
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Rare Black Orchid Plants

Plants Anggre Black

Black orchid plant or in its Latin pandurata Coelogyne this is a plant that is beautiful and charming , and this plant is characterized by its flower color is black , so this type of orchid plants orchid called black , as was the narrowing and hunt freely , the plant is in crowned as rare plants in Indonesia .

The characteristics of the black orchid

- Bud bubga it can reach more than 14 per bunch ,

- Long has a diameter of less than 10 cm ,

- Have petals that lansep and taper , with a length of approximately 5 cm , and a width of approximately 2 cm ,

- And memepunyai petals are pointy ,

It being another hallmark of the black orchid leaves that have a considerable length of about 40 cm , the width can reach 10 cm , while for the black orchid plants fruit has oblong shape with a length of about 7 cm and its width of 2 to 3 cm , and characteristics of black orchids and other orchids that this plant has a scent that is more fragrant .

And for his life , this kind of orchid plants is tantamount to his orchids in general is stuck in the trees or rocks that are humut her , and this unusual orchid plants or flowering blooms in certain months just like in March to June .

This orchid plants can be developed in a manner in the capture or quasi- separate bulbs , or it could be by planting his seed , and so many have managed to expand this plant it both ways .
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Rare Black Orchid Plants
Well that Plant Characteristics The Charming Black Orchid , may be useful and beg to preserve these orchids gan ..... For the sake of our children and grandchildren ....


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Super rare cat found alive in Borneo

Some cats have just caught Borneo camera sensor mounted in the middle of a jungle. This is alarming considering that cats are creatures truly rare and humans .
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As reported by Fox News ( 5/11 ) , the cat was recorded on video many times . This video is the result of a follow-up observation of images with the same object in 2003 .

Researchers from the Zoological Society of London and Imperial College London said they found at least four places where the cat is seen in Borneo . By doing so , the four places listed here once known so the cat habitat .

Besides cats Borneo alone , there were also Neofelis diardi , Prionailurus bengalensis , Prionailurus planiceps , and Pardofelis marmorata successful researcher recorded . Three of the four cats really vulnerable to extinction .

" We were very surprised to see there are a lot of cats sejali Borneo at this place when natural forests there have started being cleared for sale , " says the researcher .

Until now own very little literature that could explain what the Borneo cat . This is because their properties are shy and do not breed regularly .

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It is estimated that currently there are only 2,5 thousand Borneo adult cats in the wild . This population will decline to 20 percent in the next 12 years due to rampant illegal logging in Borneo .