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Plant Characteristics The Charming Black Orchid

The orchid plant has many types and characteristics of each , and now we will discuss about the Characteristics of Black Orchid Plants That Charming . Native plants in East Kalimantan is very much in the rush by lovers of ornamental plants , orchids and plants has become a rare plant in Indonesia , so do not be surprised if this plant is one of the protected plants .
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Rare Black Orchid Plants

Plants Anggre Black

Black orchid plant or in its Latin pandurata Coelogyne this is a plant that is beautiful and charming , and this plant is characterized by its flower color is black , so this type of orchid plants orchid called black , as was the narrowing and hunt freely , the plant is in crowned as rare plants in Indonesia .

The characteristics of the black orchid

- Bud bubga it can reach more than 14 per bunch ,

- Long has a diameter of less than 10 cm ,

- Have petals that lansep and taper , with a length of approximately 5 cm , and a width of approximately 2 cm ,

- And memepunyai petals are pointy ,

It being another hallmark of the black orchid leaves that have a considerable length of about 40 cm , the width can reach 10 cm , while for the black orchid plants fruit has oblong shape with a length of about 7 cm and its width of 2 to 3 cm , and characteristics of black orchids and other orchids that this plant has a scent that is more fragrant .

And for his life , this kind of orchid plants is tantamount to his orchids in general is stuck in the trees or rocks that are humut her , and this unusual orchid plants or flowering blooms in certain months just like in March to June .

This orchid plants can be developed in a manner in the capture or quasi- separate bulbs , or it could be by planting his seed , and so many have managed to expand this plant it both ways .
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Rare Black Orchid Plants
Well that Plant Characteristics The Charming Black Orchid , may be useful and beg to preserve these orchids gan ..... For the sake of our children and grandchildren ....


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