Monday, April 14, 2014

PDI-P secretary general Jokowi So Commander Denies Presidential Election Campaign

DPP Secretary-General PDI Struggle ( PDI -P ) Tjahjo Kumolo protesting the decision of the Golkar PDI- P of Megawati Sukarnoputri pointing Joko Widodo as generals winnings in the presidential election .
Tjahjo say , up until now the Central Hall ( DPP ) PDI- P has formed a team winnings presidential election .

" The ngomong one , MBAK Eva ? Ask to MBAK Eva . MBAK DPP Manager Eva is not right , " said the Office of the DPP Tjahjo PDI- P , Lenteng Agung , South Jakarta , Monday ( 04/14/2014 ) .

Tjahjo say , at this time his party is still doing internal evaluations related to the acquisition of voice in legislative elections . In the near future , the PDI -P cadres will gather in Jakarta to discuss the acquisition of the voice .

Moreover, Joko Widodo as a potential candidate for president of the PDI -P continues to establish communication with all political parties Faced Islam .
Coalition decision will be taken this week or next week . " No debate ( team winnings presidential election ) , " said Tjahjo .
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Earlier, a spokesman for the presidential election winnings PDI- P , Eva Kusuma Sundari , said that Jokowi commander in winnings PDI- P in the presidential election . The decision was given by Megawati to Jokowi . Body winnings DPP election PDI- P , led by Mrs. Empress will also be involved in it .


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