Thursday, March 13, 2014

Snowy Owl Invasion by ship

Netherlands is under the spell of snowy owls . The rare and huge white owl that normally live above the Arctic Circle , suddenly pops up in various places in the Netherlands . At least five different snowy owls have been seen. Of the Frisian Islands in the middle of Amsterdam and even Limburg . Where do these owls come from? Bird lover Frans van der Esch may have a dramatic statement .

Vlieland , Terschelling , Texel and even in the heart of Amsterdam to Limburg are snowy owls seen . This impressive white birds ( 55-70 cm high and 1.5 meter wingspan ) are found in the Arctic regions , and typically only occasionally we see one in the Netherlands . But now there are at least five different snowy owls seen and that is unprecedented . (see also: obat burung)

It now appears that these owls from Canada come . Visit Netherlands In the United States is in fact a large "invasion" of snow owls in progress . Never been there in the past fifty years so many snowy owls seen in the U.S. . And they are uncommon south and even Bermuda , Carolina and Missouri . This kind of invasions occur when the owls food - mainly rodents - is not sufficiently available . In addition, this year it was a very good breeding season for snowy owls and the extremely bad weather in Canada and the northern part of the U.S.. Consequence : the owls flocked to the south . But how come the snowy owls than in the Netherlands right ?

Therefore we call bird lover Frans van der Esch from Groningen . He has a spectacular possible explanation for the snowy owls invasion .
" On December 7, I sailed as a passenger with a container ship from New York to Europe . Two days later we came across Canada , about 50 miles from Newfoundland , and when we were suddenly visited by nine large white birds . I knew immediately that it was snowy owls . I've seen used to be one on Vlieland . My former biology teacher would not believe it , so I have time to really study them. I therefore knew immediately that the two males and seven females were . Really gorgeous! They were by the violent storm in progress was exhausted and crawled on the containers close together. Once at sea , they could not move anymore , and they stayed on board . "

No owl flew away?
" No, certainly not at the beginning . On December 11, we arrived in the vicinity of the Azores and I noticed that they were impatient and were hungry . But the Azores were still 150 miles away. They flew narrowly over the waves , as if they wanted to catch something. That was spectacular though, because the waves were 10 meters high. A ship for us even lost some containers so rough was the sea . But for the snowy owls seemed like a hopeless situation . Eventually on December 12 off the coast of Spain , five snowy owls on board and December 14, 50 miles off the coast of France are again less . I do not know if the birds have flown off the coast have reached or chose another passing ship . "

Had the crew also that they had a special meaning ?
" They did a little careless in the beginning. But when I told them about how special it was and they did look through the viewer that hit all around . Eventually they were all pictures of owls make and they loved it. "

When owls flew the last board? (see also: vitamin burung)
That was on December 15 in New Zealand . I think there were two. Which will have the Dutch coast certainly achieved . Great to hear that there are five snowy owls have been seen in the Netherlands now. Since there are hopefully a few of our boat between , or perhaps it all. Superb also that there is a snowy owl on Vlieland is seen . A snowy owl on my favorite island. Thus the circle. "

For the latest information on where snowy owls are seen in the Netherlands .


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