Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Update Samsung Gear Fit, Give Choices Vertical Screen Orientation

Samsung reportedly has updated its Samsung Gear Fit to be able to turn on a vertical screen orientation that can give users convenience.

As we know, Samsung Gear Fit is one of the supporters of fitness accessories with AMOLED screen. Unfortunately the screen on this device is only able to be used at the beginning of its emergence horizonhal. This makes it rather difficult for the user to use it when the device is in the wrist, as reported by sammobile.

Gear Fit Vertical Orientation 2

The existence of these features has been confirmed by Gear Fit residing at the official store of Samsung in South Korea. This update may well have been attached to all Samsung Gear Fit in other regions. Gear Fit Samsung planned to be sold globally on April 11, along with Gear 2 and Galaxy S5.

Seeing the limited abilities, some consumers also seemed to want to expect more. Well, from the information obtained from the Korea Herald, the Samsung rumored to be working on Gear Solo, watch phone. Today was the name of Solo Gear Samsung has patented body-Korean Intellectual Property Office, although later at the launch of the names may change.
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Samsung Gear Solo SIM cards will be equipped with its own mobile network connection, for voice and data. For the first phase of Solo reported hours phone Gear will be available exclusively for SK Telecom, which became a co-worker of Samsung in the process of development.


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