Thursday, May 22, 2014

Leaking Not Treated, flats in appendices Prone to Fires

Leakage problem which occurs in almost all flat units appendices , Cakung , East Jakarta , can pose a potential fire . Water channel was wrong cause water seeping residents often the electrical installation .

Monday ( 5/19/2014 ) ago , there was a small fire in the unit the couple Pablo and Iroh ( 36 ) , resident relocation Sentiong origin time , Kamayoran , Central Jakarta . Fortunately , the fire had not spread to other units . The fire only burns some furniture .

" It seems the fire early in the morning , I was still sleeping . So people who see continued screaming fire . Reason is because in my bathroom is leaking , " Iroh said , when met , Thursday ( 22/05/2014 ) afternoon .
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According to him , the fire grabbed a plastic cabinet and three helmets . Thick black smoke filled the room had a bathroom and a clothesline in the back . The fire was extinguished after Iroh husband awoke to the screams of the citizens .

" The fire is tolerable . Cables all subject to the same kitchen and the bathroom is all black , " Iroh said .

Previously , Lani ( 52 ) , said the power in his unit had experienced a short circuit . Again , this happens due to a leak in the unit .

" Never shorting because of the water . 's Why it's in my bathroom lights are always turned off . Behind lights also my baseball life , " said resident relocation origin Sentiong this time .

Leakage problem report has been submitted to the manager Lani . However, it was never addressed or corrected . It makes citizens alarmed by the danger of short circuit .

Ferry ( 36 ) , a resident of the other towers , said , managers should pay attention to this issue . He said he hopes that soon there was improvement by managers . However , up to now, the leakage problem was never addressed .

"Then it was harmful to the towers. Due to system building here paste . And the bathroom was leaking all technicians here but baseball works , " said Ferry .


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