Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Feeling "Injured Party", Ex-regent Sragen Ask PK

Former Regent Sragen , Central Java , Lucky Sarono Wiyono back a trial of Semarang Corruption Act , Wednesday ( 05/28/2014 ) . This is the second time . He's back in session after acquitted at first instance .

In the decision , the criminal punished Lucky 7 years and a fine of Rp 200 million . He is also required to replace the entire replacement cost of Rp 10.5 billion . If you can not return the replaced with imprisonment of four years .
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In court , Lucky tried to file a judicial review ( PK ) against the decision of the Supreme Court . New evidence (Novum ) as a prerequisite submitted to the judges . However , in the trial , the prosecutor in the State Attorney Sragen reject a proposed Novum Lucky and his attorney , Dani Sriyanto .

According to prosecutors , Novum proposed is not new evidence . This so because the evidence presented was never delivered to the court of first instance .

" In essence , that Novum latest report is not filed , so that the request can not be granted PK . Additionally , Novum that contains no power of attorney or written proof of Sragen Regent , Agus Fathurrahman when borrowing does not mean there is no evidence . However , of witnesses could also be valid evidence , " the prosecutor said febrie Hartanto , Semarang Corruption Court on Wednesday ( 28/05/2014 ) .

According to the prosecution , the evidence submitted by Lucky can not stand alone . However , it must be supported by witness testimony . Then , based on witness testimony and the verdict there , he sure is a good thing that commanded the local cash disbursement .

Novum whom defendant filed relating to the results of the audit and evidence of melting when he was serving as regent . BPK audit results were released , according Fortunately , not to mention the loss of state finances . However , it rejected the prosecutor .

" BPK audit results have not considered binding legal decision . Thus the compensation of Rp 10.5 billion remain charged to the defendant , " added Febri .

Attorney himself begged PK Fortunately rejected , or at least unacceptable . In addition, the prosecutor requested that the verdict will be able to PK Supreme Court upheld the ruling . Repulsion top prosecutor , Lucky remains optimistic .

PK filed with the available evidence will be accepted by the Supreme Court . He believes that the proposed Novum declared his innocence . Fortunately own claim oppressed graft Sragen 2003-2010 budget data, these cost the state Rp 11.2 billion .

He reasoned liquefaction deposits on the orders of Sragen Regent Agus Fatchurrohman , not on command . To that end , the regent of Sragen now asked to be responsible .

"At that time I had actually issued a disposition prohibit redemptions will cause a loss of deposits due to the state . But now instead of Regents gave disposition to liquefaction , " he concluded .


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