Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Is this the general Moeldoko Watches are so Spotlight?

Watches worn TNI Commander General Moeldoko managed highlighted a number of media in Singapore earlier this week . Many say these watches are rare and very expensive , with prices above Rp 1 billion .

Actually commentary on the stick at the left hand of four-star generals that have emerged since 16 April 2014 on the site www.themillenary.com . Site of Singapore is indeed often discuss anything related to watches.

However , the highlight of many new watches Moeldoko since early this week after the collected writings of another site, www.mothership.sq . The story of the boy watches were promptly moved in the virtual world as well as a discussion of the social media users of Facebook and Twitter in Indonesia .

Site www.themillenary.com menengarai that watches worn General Moeldoko the kind of Richard Mille RM 011 Felipe Massa Flyback Chronograph "Black Kite" .

A watch is the latest model of type type Felipe Massa Flyback Chronograph "Red Kite" that came out in 2011 .

Casing fired his black titanium . Titanium is known as a very strong metal and heat-resistant up to become the aerospace coatings .

Design raptors on a watch with a transparent interior make it look thick with military and sporty impression , specially besutan watches Richard Mille producer .

In addition to the chronograph function can measure the time interval until a split second more like a stopwatch , clock also features a calendar feature .

That makes it special is because these watches are produced only very limited . The allocation for the North American market and South America only 30 units. Other variants to the Asian market only produced 45 units . Either type of which is owned Moeldoko .

Manufacturing process does not take a minute. To install a bezel or the outer panel only took 8 days. Meanwhile, the installation of the rear casing and have an additional 5 days. Total there are 202 components that make up this special watch . Sekrupnya also fueled titanium and rubber coated so they can be worn in water to a depth of 50 meters .

It's also not a joke , that more than 100,000 U.S. dollars alias above Rp 1 billion .

Writing highlighting lifestyle Moeldoko appeared shortly after the controversial demand maafnya to Singapore on Channel News Asia Related naming warships Usman Harun, Pertamina diprotes Singapore Government. However , the writing is objectionable Moeldoko , Channel News Asia and mention one quote his statement that he was sorry not to meet the demands of Singapore from using the name.
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Usman and Aaron are two patriots Korps Commando Operations ( KKO ) TNI AL sentenced to death for bombing the building MacDonald House in Orchard Road in 1965 when berkobarnya Dwikora by President Soekarno . Both are regarded as a hero and buried in the Tomb of the Warrior kalibata .


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