Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Chinese tourists fistfight in Aircraft Thai Airways

Thai Airways -owned airline of Thailand , last week , explaining the details of the incident recorded a video of a fight between three Chinese tourists in the Thai Airways flight , flying from Bangkok to Beijing .
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According Chatree Pongsak , director of the department of safety Thai Airways flight operations , the incident occurred on February 12, 2014 after a Chinese man cabin crew refuse to enforce his chair while eating . The passenger , a man , insisted that he wanted to continue sleeping .

That prompted two other Chinese citizens , ie a man and a woman , who was sitting right behind him , the chair rocked it in an attempt to force him to enforce his chair . A hot quarrel ensued and then turned into a punch up . A number of objects were thrown in the fight .

The incident was recorded one other passenger who then upload the recording duration was 1.31 minutes to YouTube on February 15 .
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Chatree said the cabin crew has implemented a standard procedure to stop the fight and separated the two sides to a different place on the plane . Such steps include record their names in order to make sure they would sit apart if traveling on the same flight at a later time .


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