Monday, April 28, 2014

MoHA Complaint in Case of e-ID card KPK Not Clear

Ministry of Home Affairs ( MOHA ) asked the Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) to clarify the issue of the alleged affair that becomes the case of e - ID card . Therefore , there are no irregularities in the implementation of the project .

Head of Legal Kemendagri Zudan Fakrullah Arif said the allegations of the case remains unclear . According to him , the Commission did not specify in detail where the deviation point , how many, and how the state can be said to harm .
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" The existence of these problems just makes us , as it so difficult to move . Ambiguity Commission, also makes it difficult to anticipate Kemendagri , " said Zudan when contacted AFP , Monday ( 28/4 ) .

It claimed , was not found irregularities in the implementation of the project . He himself , himself still awaiting further legal proceedings of the Commission , because there is no effort whatsoever to be done in the meantime .

Then , about Kemendagri response above rebuttal stating the Commission never gave advice on the specification of the price , Zudan declined to comment . According to him , the technical scope of the authority of the Minister of the Interior ( Interior Minister ) Gamawan Fauzi to answer .

" It became part of the minister alone . Only , for me , the e - ID card is no problem , " he said .

Head of Information Center ( Kapuspen ) Educate Kemendagri Suprayitno added , alleged this case it is not clear him . He had just communicated with Minister Gamawan Fauzi regarding this case , and it was reluctant to comment much denial Commission .

" We leave it to the legal process ," said Didik imitating what the Gamawan .


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