Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Answer Sheet logged in Madiun Not Complete

A number of examinees nationwide high school social science majors in Madiun , East Java , receive answer sheets English subjects did not complete . Choice answers A through E should have just listed A to D. " In our school there are 43 students who received a national exam answer sheet is not complete, from number 1 to 50 , " said Head of State High School 1 Madiun Imron Rosidi , Wednesday, April 16 , 2014.

State Islamic University of Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang and Widya Mandala Catholic University of Madiun served at a local school . It was agreed that for students who choose to answer suggested E option to add a column on the answer sheet . " Shaded like the size of the columns other answers . LJUN can not be replaced because it was a package deal with the matter , " said Imron .
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He said something similar is also found in other schools . In fact , according to the information acquired from the independent monitoring team , a high school in East Java experienced the same thing . " I do not know for sure what kind . Clearly , SMA 3 is also like this . I had called the principal, " he said .

Head of Education , Culture , Youth , and Sports City of Madison Suyoto said the findings were already known . According to him , the results of coordination with the UN committee of East Java province , it will not affect the assessment by computer scanning systems . " Answer option E would be preserved . Prior to scanning , LJUN will be replaced by the provincial committee , " he said .

Therefore , he urged the UN participants are not troubled by these problems . Therefore , incomplete answer option will not affect the assessment test for high school students of class XII and equal .


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