Sunday, April 27, 2014

Working on the Road , Any Time and at Any Device

Patterns have changed over the workings and demands of the times . Now the work is no longer just in the office , on the road and want to take any phone you 've been able to work .

This is confirmed by the results of studies VMware MeConomy 2014 , who studied the dynamics of change in the new workplace ( new work ) with each passing trade profile of a baby boomer to a millenial .

Millennial workforce ( also known as new workers ) are people who were born in the era of mobile , occupy positions in corporations , and they have high expectations for IT to enable the conduct of business in accordance with the speed of life .
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They were born after 1982, and are now aged between 12 and 32 years . For the next 10 years , they will continue to enter the workforce , changing Workplaces ( workplaces ) .

Here are the key findings of the research produced by VMware conducted for the second time in Indonesia :

- . 87 % of respondents adult workers in Indonesia have a lot of devices .
- . 92 % of adult workers in the Indonesian respondents worked - on-the -go ( work while traveling to and from work ) .
- . More than 60 % of respondents considered adult workers in Indonesia work is something that is done no matter wherever they are .
- . 72 % of respondents in Indonesia adult workers believe they can memempertahankan level of productivity outside the office at least 50 % of the time while working in the office .
- . 64 % of adult workers in Indonesia find their home or home cum residence ( home office) is the ideal workplace .

According to VMware , this study reflects a new reality where more employees want the ability to work away from the office , at any time and on any device .


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