Friday, May 23, 2014

Explosion in Pakistan Kills A Guard Malls

Two bomb explosions shook Islamabad , the Pakistani capital , early Saturday and caused a death toll and injured another person .

This event occurs after the military stopped air strikes against the guerrillas . The first blast occurred around 02:00 am in the shopping district near the city center .

" A guard died in the hospital . He is badly wounded and his life not helped . Victims second guard also now receive treatment , " said Hafiz Hussain Chaudhry , a police official .
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He said it is not clear whether the blast was caused by a suicide bomber .
There is no immediate recognition for the blast which occurred three days after a series of air attacks by the military on militant hideouts that killed 76 people .

Local television showed images of the first blast showed shattered glass also branches scattered in the streets .

Mohammad Alu , another policeman , told reporters that the next blast occurred in a car .

" Low-intensity explosives had been mounted on a car and the blast destroyed his car but no one was hurt , " he said .

The second explosion occurred about half an hour after the first explosion at different places in the city . This is the first blast in Islamabad since an explosion in the fruit and vegetable market on April 22 that killed at least 22 people .


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